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Do You Find Yourself :


  • Finding it Hard To Complete Tasks

  • Scrambling to Remember When Actions were Discussed

  • Procrastinating When You Need to Get Things Done

  • Confused About What Needs To Be Done

  • Finding It a Challenge To Meet Deadlines

  • Under Pressure To Complete Tasks at The Last Minute

  • Without the Necessary Resources To Get Things Done

How Will This Achievers Action Plan Help?

You Will Be Able To :

  • Know When Actions Where Discussed

  • Complete Tasks On Time

  • Clearly Know What Needs To Be Done

  • Avoid The Pressure Of Rushing Through In The Last Minute

  • Easily Meet Your Deadlines Without Being Reminded

  • Know what Resources are Required and Confidently Plan Ahead

  • Identify, Prepare and Be Ready For Any Unforeseen Challenges

  • Identify Any Inherent Risks and Be Able To Put Appropriate Mitigating Factors

  • Appreciate and Understand The Ultimate Desired Outcome and Transformation

How Will Achievers Action Plan Transform Your Life?

  • You will get better control of your life and avoid unnecessary stress

  • You will have a more organised life

  • You will develop the ability to Get Things Done

  • You will no more procrastinate

  • You will have more time to do the things you enjoy most

  • You will have a better 'Work Life Balance'

Trainer Profile

Life Coach (CBT) and Mentor

Hlengiwe Faku

Hlengiwe Faku is a passionate trainer and facilitator who holds a Marketing Qualification from IMM Graduate School of Marketing. With 18 years’ experience in the Corporate environment, specializing in Sales, Marketing and Human Resource; her experience has provided her with a unique all-rounder approach to Coaching. She understands the struggles that professional personnel go through. She is a certified life and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Coach, and a trainer at Achievement Enterprises . As a knowledgeable leadership coach, she helps professionals efficiently and effectively deal with day to day pressures in order to successful execute on their mandate. She is an experienced public speaker and trainer who has successfully delivered numerous presentations and workshops to a wide range of audience throughout the country. She is a loving mother, wife, family member, friend and entrepreneur. She has a love for empowering and enlightening people she gets in connect with to be the best version of themselves school going children . When she is not coaching, you will find her wearing a different hat as a Publicist for the Just Eat book lifestyle, spending time working out, taking long walks with family, experimenting with new cooking recipes and enjoying a good conversation with friends. “Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” this is a quote from Mother Teresa that Hlengiwe lives by and strive on a regular basis to fulfill and achieve for each of her clients.

Your Key To Self Mastery

  • Clearly Know What Needs To Be Done

  • Say Goodbye To Procrastination

  • Complete Tasks On Time and Avoid Firefighting

Did You Know?

Planning is important, because through progress, an integrated approach, flexibility, and all of the other points mentioned above, planning ultimately helps you reach a desired, objective. If the plan is implemented correctly, the results will always be desirable.
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