Employee Satisfaction Survey

Consistent Transparent Communication Is Critical For Employee Retention

With this BHC Finance Management Reflective Survey, BHC Finance Management will use this feedback to Understand the level of Satisfaction. This will also address any Pertinent Issues and Most Importantly apply Suggestions from the Team. This Achievement Enterprises Tailor-Made Department specific Questionnaire will assist in Measuring, Analyzing and Gaining Insight into the Health of BHC the Finance Management Team.

A Unified Spirit Working for a Common Purpose

Building Trust is a Key Ingredient to Teamwork

The Employee Satisfaction Survey gives Employees a sense of Ownership, Responsibility, Empowerment and Contribution toward building a Healthy Environment which they are Happy to work in. If a Company is able to foster a strong sense of Trust within their organisation they will see a number of benefits including: Increased Productivity and Improved Moral among its employees. This will enable employees to work more effectively as a Team.

Honesty and Accountability

Transparency Leads To Employee Engagement

This Achievement Enterprises Survey Will Help the Employer Measure and Understand the Employee's Attitude, Motivation, Satisfaction and will get Valuable Real-Time feedback. Transparency in business isn't just the right thing to do, it is a rising employee expectation and important factor in employee retention. Successful organisations understand that the employees are consumers and therefore there should be actively involved in information sharing to improve performance and work place environment.

Our Survey Categories

Achievement Enterprises Employee Satisfaction Survey is Customized to Investigate, Analyze and Asses Specific Issues and Concerns that will enable the organization to get real time Feedback and Recommendations.

  • Work Environment Analysis

  • Career Development Oportunities

  • Compensation Satisfaction

  • Health and Wellness Program Benefits

  • Management and Leadership Analysis

Health Check

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    BHC Finance Management Team Reflective Survey

    • Finance Management Team Survey

Achievement Enterprises

'Excellence In Achieving'

We Are Building A Knowledge Based Economy

Expert Professional Qualified Trainers and Coaches

Achievement Enterprises is a 100% citizen owned company with local, regional and international pooling expertise. As a BQA accredited training company we are committed to the success and progress of our students. We have the best experienced qualified and professional experts across various disciplines who provide high quality value add interventions that produces tangible results. We endeavor to create and build a knowledge based economy through our innovative interventions and adapting our approach to meet the needs of our customers.

Trainer Profile

Leadership and Life Coach, PDA Analyst, My PDA Coach and Training Consultant

Rachel Nekati

Rachel Nekati is an accredited trainer, leadership coach, PDA analyst, My PDA Coach, life coach, published author and the founder of Achievement Enterprises. She is married and a loving mother of two. Rachel has successfully delivered high level leadership in her 15 years in banking and a year in the mining industry respectively. Rachel captures and fascinates her audience with her knowledge, insight and wisdom. Her ability to motivate people to take deliberate and consistent action, ensures that the training gets ingrained in the hearts and minds of participants and enables them accomplish their life goals and objectives. She has served in many corporate boards and chaired various board subcommittees. Rachel hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and many other credentials including Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and other qualifications. Having spent a considerable number of years coaching and mentoring people across the world, Rachel finds joy in sharing knowledge, imparting skills as well as changing peoples lives in a positive way. Rachel has shared her Intermittent Fasting transformational journey in her Internationally published book 'Just Eat - Intermittent Fasting lifestyle'. Rachel Nekati is driven by Passion, Purpose and Impact.


"Rachel is a river that shares knowledge to help others improve their lives, not a reservoir that hoards knowledge"

By: Manana Tshoagong (Publishing Director at Medi "Roots" Publishing)

The Rachel Nekati that I know impacts the world in a very special way. Rachel is a river that shares knowledge to help others improve their lives, not a reservoir that hoards knowledge. A real leader who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. Her energy, passion & consistency are just admirable. She is intentional in what she wants to achieve. Oozes confidence. Unstoppable.

"Rachel takes a keen interest in the achievement of her clients"

By: Ruth Maphorisa (Director of The Drive PTY LTD)

I am happy to recommend Rachel Nekati as a Coach and Trainer. I first met Rachel back in 2010 delivering a course of Emotional Intelligence and her impactful delivery has greatly contributed to who I am today. I have known Rachel as a Transformational Leader who has always lead by example. One of the greatest strengths Rachel has is that of following through and taking a keen interest in the achievements of her clients/mentees. One notices that all her deliveries are on transformation as opposed to maintenance. These are the qualities of an effective coach/trainer. I have since followed her and recently enrolled in her Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Program. Rachel continues to positively transform people's lives with her excellent Coaching and Training work.