Take Control of Your Thoughts and Emotions And Live a Happier Life!

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No Need to Allow Anxiety and Stress Paralyse You!

Learn how to successfully Identify, Evaluate and Challenge Negative Thoughts, Emotions and Live a Value Driven Life

  • There is No Need to be Overwhelmed by Negative Thoughts and Emotions

  • There is No Need to allow Anxiety and Stress Impede you from Achieving Your Personal Goals Anymore

  • There is No Need to Avoid or Numb Your Emotions with Addictive Substances and Adopting Unproductive Behaviours

  • Identify Your Personal Values. Drive Your Life. Be Decisive. Be Authentic. Increase Your Happiness

It's More than Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

Behaviours are Symptoms of what is Hidden in The Bottom Line!

The parts we show is only the tip of the iceberg . This smaller superficial part is masking what is going on underneath. Deep down are the less reachable parts including the core beliefs that drive your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This Anxiety and Stress Management Program will help you to Audit Your Bottom Line.

Happiness is Not Out There, it's In You!

"The Happiness Of Your Life Depends Upon The Quality Of Your Thoughts" - Marcus Aurelius

"Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity." - Carl Jung

Who Is This Program For?

Men, Women, Young Adults, Adolescents and Teenagers

  • EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES: Men and Women who want to Successfully Manage their Emotions and Enhance their Relationships with both Internal and External Customers

  • ENTREPRENEURS: Those who are Committed to Building and Leading their Businesses without sacrificing their Emotional Well-being in the process

  • YOUNG ADULTS: Young professional who want to Develop Strong Inner Resilience to be able to Navigate and make a Positive Mark in all they embark on

  • ADOLESCENTS AND TEENAGERS: This will Equip them with Practical Tools and Effective Skills during these Challenging Times of their lives. They will Develop Self Awareness, Build their Personal Brand, Become Decisive, Avoid Peer Pressure and Choose Productive Behaviors

  • MUMS AND DADS: Parents and Guardians of young people who are affected by the common Pressures of everyday life

  • HELPING SPECIALISTS: This program can be used as a Tool for Enhancing the work of helping professionals including; Therapist, Counselors, Psychologists, Teachers, Social Workers any Group Leader

  • Any person who wants Build their Personal Brand, Improve their Thought Management, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Self Mastery

Personal Values Directs You To Your True 'North'

Define Your Life. Establish Your Core Beliefs. Develop A Purpose. Be Authentic. Be Decisive. Be You

Identify and understand your personal core values, develop a practical sense of direction, feel more grounded, make better decisions and be control of your life. You Are Good Enough!

Experience Your Thoughts and Feelings as an Observer!

Elevate Your Self-Awareness. Challenge Your Thoughts. Control Your Thoughts. Manage Your Behaviour.

Acquire practical skills and tools; to break-free from negative anxiety cycle and enjoy inner peace.

Program Content

  • 2

    Module 2: Understanding Anxiety And Stress

    • Lesson 5: Why is Self Awareness Important?

    • Lesson 6: How Am I Feeling? - Self Awareness 1.0

    • Lesson 7: How Am I Feeling? - Self Awareness 1.0 Debrief

    • Lesson 8: What is Anxiety?

    • Lesson 9: What are the Effects and Dangers of Anxiety?

    • Lesson 10: What is Your Actual Problem?

    • Lesson 11: Understanding Your Actual Problem - Self Awareness 2.0

    • Lesson 12: Understanding Your Actual Problem - Self Awareness 2.0 Debrief

    • Lesson 13: Prioritize What You Want To Work On and Set Goals - Self Awareness 3.0

  • 3

    Module 3: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    • Lesson 14: What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Why Is It Effective In Managing Anxiety and Stress ?

    • Lesson 15: What is Emotional Intelligence?

    • Lesson 16: Emotional Analysis Self Awareness - Exercise

    • Lesson 17: Emotions Analysis 'Emotions Temperature' - Self Awareness 4.0

    • Lesson 18: Emotions Analysis 'Emotions Temperature' - Self Awareness 4.0 Debrief

    • Lesson 19: What are Productive and Unproductive Behaviours?

    • Lesson 20: Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence

    • Lesson 21: Before you move on...

  • 4

    Module 4: How Your Thoughts Have Been Affecting Your Life

    • Lesson 22: Not All Thoughts Are Negative

    • Lesson 23: What Are Negative Automatic Thoughts; Cognitive Distortions?

    • Lesson 24: Challenging Negative Automatic Thoughts - Self Awareness 5.0

    • Lesson 25: Challenging Negative Automatic Thoughts - Self Awareness 5.0 Debrief

  • 5

    Module 5: Identifying, Understanding and Managing Cognitive Distortions

    • Lesson 26: Catastrophizing and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 27: Overgeneralising and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 28: Mind Reading and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 29: Emotional Reasoning and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 30: 'Must' , 'Should' , 'Ought' ( Making Demands) and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 31: All or Nothing and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 32: Labelling and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 33: Self Awareness 6.0 - No More Labels "I AM ENOUGH"

    • Lesson 34: Self Awareness 6.0 I am Enough - Debrief With Tsampa Mdhluli

    • Lesson 35: Personalizing and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 36: Mind Filtering and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 37: Low Frustration Tolerance and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 38: Blaming or Denying and How to Manage it

    • Lesson 39: Predictive Thinking and How to Manage it

  • 6

    Module 6 : Cognitive Restructuring and Taking Control Of Your Life

    • Lesson 40: What is Cognitive Restructuring and Why Is It Important ?

    • Lesson 41: Cognitive or Thought Restructuring - Self Awareness 7.0

    • Lesson 42: Cognitive Restructuring - Self Awareness 7.0 Debrief with Tsampa Mdhluli

    • Lesson 43: How Can Personal Values Positively Influence our Thoughts?

    • Lesson 44: Developing and Understanding Your Personal Values - Self Awareness 8:0

    • Lesson 45: Living a Value Driven Life - Self Awareness 8.0 Debrief

    • Lesson 46: How am I Feeling and My Action Plan - Self Awareness 9.0

    • Lesson 49: Congratulations and Certification

  • 7

    Bonus Material - Journaling

    • Lesson 47 : How Can A Daily Journal Improve Your Life ?

Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts and Emotions!

Reconstruct Your Thoughts. Analyse Your Emotions. Build Self Mastery

Regardless of how you’re feeling in the present moment, do not feel paralyzed by circumstances and situations beyond your control. Let me help you to empower yourself and take charge of your life!

No Need to Be A Victim of Your Circumstances and Your Past!

Life's Trials, Grief, Getting Hi-Jacked, Relationship Challenges, Parenthood, Career and Entrepreneurship Demands; this sums up the 'Menu' in my Anxiety and Stress 'Buffet'  

Everybody desires to live a happier, value driven and purposeful life. 

Life is filled with many problems, one after the other. If your life if more than 50% happy, congratulations! Enjoy and celebrate that.

This program will make you appreciate that life is not perfect. You are not perfect. Your family is not perfect. Your job is not perfect, however, you still can choose to be happy. 

My life has not been an exception, I have learnt to navigate the challenging storms and still emerged victorious. I feel more equipped with experience from true real case studies! 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has significantly increased my self awareness, self management, self mastery and inner joy. This journey has equipped me with practical skills, tools as well as effective approaches which I will share with you to increase your self mastery and happiness. My goal is to help you take control of your life and be happier by building lasting productive skills to tackle any challenges you face in life. 

This Online Anxiety and Stress Management Program is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is one of the most commonly used psychotherapeutic approaches for addressing most of the anxiety and stress related problems.  

I will assist you throughout the program to develop skills on how to manage your thoughts, emotions to alleviate anxiety and stress. Your active involvement and interactions will empower you with life skills and strategies to become happier, achieve your desired life’s goals and Live a value driven life!


"Rachel is a river that shares knowledge to help others improve their lives, not a reservoir that hoards knowledge"

By: Manana Tshoagong (Publishing Director at Medi "Roots" Publishing)

The Rachel Nekati that I know impacts the world in a very special way. Rachel is a river that shares knowledge to help others improve their lives, not a reservoir that hoards knowledge. A real leader who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. Her energy, passion & consistency are just admirable. She is intentional in what she wants to achieve. Oozes confidence. Unstoppable.

"Rachel takes a keen interest in the achievement of her clients"

By: Ruth Maphorisa (Director of The Drive PTY LTD)

I am happy to recommend Rachel Nekati as a Coach and Trainer. I first met Rachel back in 2010 delivering a course of Emotional Intelligence and her impactful delivery has greatly contributed to who I am today. I have known Rachel as a Transformational Leader who has always lead by example. One of the greatest strengths Rachel has is that of following through and taking a keen interest in the achievements of her clients/mentees. One notices that all her deliveries are on transformation as opposed to maintenance. These are the qualities of an effective coach/trainer. I have since followed her and recently enrolled in her Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Program. Rachel continues to positively transform people's lives with her excellent Coaching and Training work.

" Rachel has passion for teaching, she is very focused and committed"

by Pascaline Sefawe - Deputy CEO

I have known Rachel Nekati for over 20 years. I met her at the University of Botswana in 1992 when we stared our BCom degree. I found Rachel to be very energetic and very committed to her school work. We used to study together and was always amazed by her quest to success, especially at Such a young age. Our relationship continued building through out university and the highlight of that was when she started her training business. She did training for me and my team on emotional intelligence. This training changed my life and the way I do things in life. I became more self aware and self motivated. Rachel made a huge impact on me and my team and to this day I thank her. Rachel later introduced me to the IF lifestyle, an amazing lifestyle which I have adopted since 2018. Rachel is has been my IF coach since then and has had a very positive impact in the way I relate with food. I have been successful in my weight loss because of her great coaching and teaching skills. In summary Rachel has passion for teaching, she is very focused and committed. She puts all the effort in everything she does and impacts positively on everyone she interacts with. Rachel has the right energy!

" Rachel Has Helped Me To Be A Better Leader"

Thobo Moleko - DMSS

Rachel coached me on Supervisory and Management Program and I would like to say the reason I am where I am is because of her training. It has been mind opening and has asserted me to become a better leader to my team. I highly recommend her to any organisation and leaders out there.

"Rachel is an Excellent Trainer who is Professional, Focused and Goal Oriented"

Annah Lewanika - Senior Programme Officer - Special Needs. Botswana Examinations Council

I recommend Rachel Nekati as a trainer for Managing thoughts, emotions and behavior. I have known Rachel Nekati for several years now both as a trainer and coach. Rachel is an excellent trainer who is professional, focused and goal oriented. She incorporates E-learning tools with a wide variety of techniques to ensure she achieves success with her students. Rachel is creative and is quick to assess the needs of her students to ensure no one is left behind. Additionally, she has an impeccable work ethic and anyone trained by her will acquire valuable skills that will cause a positive shift in their life.

"Rachel Uses Reflective Practical Training Methods"

Kefilwe Kebafetotse - Public Relations and Communications Manager - Air Botswana

I had a great pleasure in being a participant in one of the Corporate training sessions facilitated by Mrs. Rachel Nekati. I was personally impressed by her diverse knowledge in organizational development, communication and effective teamwork. In training the Executive Management, Rachel used reflective practical training methods and excellent interpersonal skills to deliver content which was enjoyable and beneficial to leadership. I highly recommend her for an opportunity she endeavors to pursue. She is a true gem.

" I have Become A New Person With Integrity, Focus, Confidence and Direction"

Kesego Goabaone Shashane - Site Supervisor - DMSS

My experience with the training has completely changed how i think and behave, not only in the workplace but in my personal experiences. Rachel has guided me to be a better person through principles that I carry every single day. Since your training i have become a new person with goals and direction, confidence and integrity. I will forever be grateful

"I Use Rachel's Teachings In My Demanding and Stressful Job Every Day"

Dr T. Machacha - Hospital Superintendent - Princess Marina Hospital.

I attended an emotional intelligence workshop conducted by Ms. Rachel Nekati. She is very professional and eloquent. I still use her teachings in my demanding and stressful job every day.

"Rachel is A Great Coach and an Emphatic Listener"

Phasi Masalila - Corporate & Public Relations Manager Kwa Nokeng Oil

It is with great pleasure to share this recommendation for Rachel Nekati as trainer: -She is very passionate in all what she does, stays focused and ensure she gets the best results. -Very good talking and listening skills and always pays attention to details. - Enjoys mentoring, tutoring and she walks the talk. - Confident and believe in herself. - Rachel is such a hard worker and supportive. - Always willing to learn more and she appreciates good results. In summary I would say Rachel is a go getter and brave as she leads by example. Always willing to impart any knowledge that will benefit the next person.

"I am in Control Of My Emotions and Feelings"

Merrilyn Cathy Thuso - Operations Manager DMSS

Having Rachel as my coach was one of the best things that happened to me last year. Her course changed my the way I see life. Though it was focused on work, her lessons can also be applied in every aspect of our lives. I started being more organized, planned for my day the day before and that helped me to be more productive at work and life in general ( I actually feel overwhelmed if I dont do that now). My behaviour changed too, I used to feel I am entitled to how I feel (my mood) so that made it difficult for my colleagues to work with me sometimes, I guess even people in my life🤔 but anyway I got to learn to manage my feelings. I learned how to resolve conflict and from all this I got see the importance of the golden rule - put yourself in someone's shoes, do to others what you would like them to do to you. I learned alot from Rachel and I am grateful for the training I received from her.🙂

What to Expect from this Online Coaching Program

At completion of this Coaching Program you will have the Skills and Tools to:

  • Identify, Evaluate, Challenge and Control Automatic Negative Thoughts to effectively Manage your Emotions

  • Increase Your Self Awareness through Research Proven, Interactive Reflective Assessments

  • Realise how Your Negative Beliefs; about Yourself from Your Experiences have been Negatively Affecting Your Life

  • Develop Personal Values which will Inspire You to Progress Towards Achieving your Life’s Goals

  • Learn how to Effectively use your Energies on things you can Influence and Accept Situations which you have No Control over

  • Learn Healthier Behaviours and Unlearn Unproductive Habits of Numbing your Emotions, with Addictive Substances such as Alcohol and Drugs

  • Be Authentic. Be Decisive. Be Motivated. Be Inspired. Take Control Of Life and Have Joy!

Why is Cognitive Behaviour approach Effective?


    Identify Core Beliefs And Challenge Unhelpful Thinking


    Learn To Tolerate Uncomfortable Feelings and Emotions


    Identify Unproductive Behaviours And Choose A Different Way Of Behaving

Why Our On Line Coaching Program?

  • Coaching and Support

    You will have access to the best coaching and be able to achieve the best results possible. The private discussion forums will allow you to share your experiences and learning.

  • Accountability and Motivation

    You will hold yourself accountable and be more motivated. You will enjoy regular motivation and engagements through our exclusive private community. You will get the results you want.

  • Greater Flexibility

    You have the flexibility of doing this program anywhere and anytime in the world. No need to stick to any specific times and appointments. Its simpler and easier.

  • Informative Video Presentations

    Learn any time at your pace from the various highly interactive videos accompanied by self awareness reflective exercises.

  • Save Time

    You don't need to be concerned about travel and the traffic. Access this online coaching program from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. All you need is internet connection and you are set.

  • Enjoy Anonymity

    There is anonymity to those who desire it. Anonymity in terms of other people outside the coaching program community will not have the awareness of you having coaching. Enjoy your privacy and remember you will still have a choice to join the like minded community.


"Leaders have energy, Leaders are multipliers, Leaders have patience, Leaders are self motivated and they motivate, this describes Rachel"

Neo Bogatsu - CEO - Botswana Insurance Fund Management (BIFM)

Leaders have energy Leaders are multipliers, they have patience Leaders are self motivated and they motivate Leaders are influencers Leaders touch lives Leaders have no shame, leaders are visionaries   That’s how I describe and see Rachel Nekati, whom I have known for more than 26years now…. Over the years I have seen and witnessed all these qualities in Rachel, qualities that are almost natural, but are also practiced and nurtured…for Rachel understands what personal growth means, what personal leadership means, that without internalizing these you cannot grow others, you cannot influence, you cannot lead… Rachel has this amazing ability to motivate and help others grow, to influence in a positive way, to build and nurture, she derives joy, happiness from seeing others grow and prosper…..As they say, its what makes her “tick”  

" A powerful soothing injection "

Angelina Ramogobya - Chika - Snr. Assistant Commissioner of Botswana Prisons

I've learned life changing lessons from this empowering program. I came to realize that we sometimes exaggerate and make small issues in to big things which causes us unnecessary stress. I feel so empowered and as if I've been given a powerful soothing injection. Thank You Rachel.

"I am now able to articulate my dream with a clear vision, confidence and direction"

Malebogo Busang - Creative Director

In a noisy world of solutions, guidance and information overload, all without filter, available at one's fingertips, what a perfect time to have a meticulous and grounded voice of reason with Rachel Nekati. A Critical Thinker and Listener, Rachel jealously protects and has personally steered my Creative Mind and empowered me to make my passion a sustainable way of life. I take pride in the fact that in the process of engaging with her excellent service, I am now able to articulate my dream with a clear vision, confidence and direction, a skill i found rather complex and unachiveable prior to engaging with Rachel.  My heartfelt and sincere gratitude for your patience and robust understanding of the world we live in today. I am because you Are. Thank you very much.

"A Practical and Helpful Break Through In My Life"

by Martha Baker

The course was practical and exceeded my expectations. The facilitator is very engaging and has vast knowledge of the content and impermeable experience with her facilitation. It enabled a practical and helpful break though in my life.

"I wish I did this course sooner"

Rumbi Chonyera - Civil Engineer

I took this course aiming to empower, inspire and motivate myself moreover Rachel exceeded my expectations. The Course was easy to follow, descriptive and highly interactive. I wish I did it sooner, anyone who wants to effect a positive change in themselves should gift themselves this program.

"I Feel Empowered and Excited About My Future"

- Hlengiwe Faku - CBT Life Coach and Training Consultant

I’ve just finished my stress and anxiety on-line self- coaching course by Rachel Nekati and Achievement Enterprises and what an amazing experience this was. I signed up for the on-line course because everything in my life was just too overwhelming. I was spiraling out of control; I had no control over my stress and anxiety. Prior to starting the course, I was not aware that the symptoms that I was presenting with “feeling panicky and sometimes out of control” were signs of stress and anxiety. These were made clear to me when I commenced with my on-line self- coaching course. Whilst I was busy with the course, it never felt like I was doing an on-line course – the support that I received from Rachel was amazing, she was with me all the way. It felt like she was physically with me holding my hand, readily available when I needed assistance and clarity What have been some of the benefits or take-outs that I’ve gotten from the course:  The course helped me manage my stress and anxiety better  The course has brought peace in my life, I feel quietness on the inside and I’m very calm  I can now understand my triggers and how to deal with them  The course made me realise that stress and anxiety is not something that I need to face on my own. There are people out there to support me.  I feel empowered and excited about my future  I have taken my life and the purpose I have in this life back I will highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to manage their stress and anxiety better and empower themselves. I’m really amazed and overwhelmed with the changes that I’m seeing in me. I just want to say, thank you very much Rachel for this life changing course. I wake up every day having a purpose and drive to do the things that I enjoy and love. Thank you for reintroducing me to my life again.

"This Is The Best Course I have Ever Done"

Obusitse Mongatane - Snr. Training Coordinator - Central Transport Organization

This is the best course I have ever done. I have learnt to acknowledge, recognise and use my emotions where appropriate on a positive way. As human beings we are created with emotions which in most cases can be a hindrance if they are not properly managed. l am now in a position to understand my emotions and control my feelings, I know what to do with my emotions. I know how to separate emotions from decision making. My life is different.

"I wish I had Met Rachel 20 Years Ago"

- Allison La Grange - DMSS

It takes only one conversation with Rachel to realise how motivational and inspiring she is. Rachel has the ability to read people and situations immediately therefore able to give sound advice. Her workshops are full of life changing practical solutions to our hectic work and personal life. Rachel leaves you feeling energised, positive and motivated. I highly recommend one to take time to out and attend one of Rachel's workshops. I only wish I had met Rachel 20 years ago! You wont regret talking with Rachel her inspiration gives you so much confidence. Go for it!

" My Life Has Transformed. I am More Focused and Alert"

Samantha Matlhagela - Manager Card Products and Etiquette Coach

Nekati through her platform Just Talk with Rachel and her personal development programs has been able to help a lot of people to understand their emotions and manage their thoughts. I have personally benefited from her teachings and I have seen my life transform for the better. I have become aware of my thoughts and emotions and have been able to change my behavior and attitude towards life. Through the positive changes, I am more focused, alert and see results in everything I do.. There is no doubt that Mrs Nekati is committed to making a difference in the lives of other people.

Take Power Of Your Thoughts and Find Your Joy!

Your Thoughts Are The Seeds In Your Life's Garden - Be Aware Of What You Water

Let me assist with how you can reduce stress by developing a positive mental attitude. Learn the proven techniques on how to refocus your mind thereby; reducing the time and energy needed to re-establish a calm and thoughtful state. Learn how to protect your emotions from your negative automatic thoughts (NAT's.)


This price includes extra support through our Exclusive Discussion Forum

Trainer Profile

Leadership and Life Coach, PDA Analyst, My PDA Coach and Training Consultant

Rachel Nekati

Rachel Nekati is an accredited trainer, leadership coach, PDA analyst, My PDA Coach, life coach, published author and the founder of Achievement Enterprises. She is married and a loving mother of two. Rachel has successfully delivered high level leadership in her 15 years in banking and a year in the mining industry respectively. Rachel captures and fascinates her audience with her knowledge, insight and wisdom. Her ability to motivate people to take deliberate and consistent action, ensures that the training gets ingrained in the hearts and minds of participants and enables them accomplish their life goals and objectives. She has served in many corporate boards and chaired various board subcommittees. Rachel hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and many other credentials including Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner and other qualifications. Having spent a considerable number of years coaching and mentoring people across the world, Rachel finds joy in sharing knowledge, imparting skills as well as changing peoples lives in a positive way. Rachel has shared her Intermittent Fasting transformational journey in her Internationally published book 'Just Eat - Intermittent Fasting lifestyle'. Rachel Nekati is driven by Passion, Purpose and Impact.


This price includes extra support through our Exclusive Discussion Forum

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