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Just Shift Simplified Series Vol. 1 - MASTERCLASSES

  • Lesson 1 : The Mind

  • Lesson 2 : The Brain

  • Lesson 4 : Positive Thoughts

  • Lesson 3 : Thoughts

  • Lesson 5 : Negative Thoughts

  • Lesson 6 : Growth Mindset

  • Lesson 7 : Fixed Mindset

  • Lesson 8 : Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

  • Lesson 9 : It's Time For a Mindset Change

  • Lesson 10 : Emily's Beautiful Garden

Method of Workshops

Virtual Masterclasses

Time : 11:00noon  - 11:45pm      

Minimum : 45 Minutes

Meet Your Life Coaches

Hlengiwe Faku

HIGH 5 STRENGTHS: Time Keeper. Self Believer. Strategist. Optimist. Deliverer.

Youth Coach - Daryl Nekati

HIGH 5 STRENGTHS : Empathiser. Analyst. Problem Solver. Winner. Commander.

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Rachel Nekati

HIGH 5 STRENGTHS: Brainstormer. Self Believer. Strategist. Philomath. Deliverer.

Kay Chatsama

HIGH 5 STRENGTHS : Analyst. Self Believer. Problem Solver. Thinker. Strategist.

Olivia Masuku

HIGH 5 STRENGTHS : Philomath. Empathizer. Strategist. Brainstormer. Self Believer.

We Are Building A Knowledge Based Economy

Expert Professional Qualified Training Consultants

Achievement Enterprises is a 100% citizen-owned company with local, regional and international pooling expertise. As a BQA accredited training company, we are committed to the success and progress of our students. We have the best experienced, qualified, and professional experts across various disciplines who provide high-quality teaching interventions that produce excellent results. We endeavour to create and build a knowledge-based economy through innovative interventions and adapt our approach to meet the needs of our customers.

Coaching Reviews: Botswana Insurance Fund Management (BIFM)

  • Diana Sello (BIFM)

    I appreciate that I will be able to design and engineer my vision to perfection after this determines your values and goals session.

  • Galeboe Busang (BIFM)

    I appreciate the roadmap and guidance in getting a better spectrum of myself. This will assist me in becoming the best version of myself.

  • Thusano Thuto (BIFM)

    The Determine your values and goals Webinar has inspired me to reflect and introspect on my goals, values and vision. Most importantly, I appreciate and thank Rachel Nekati for sharing her knowledge with us. Thank you

  • Gagomoinei Bogaisang (BIFM)

    I feel I am the priority, not an option, and I know better about myself. I am a better version of myself and applying all my potential starting from today. I enjoyed this self-mastery session and benefited from many things I didn't know. The session was well organised.

  • Nametso Koloi (BIFM)

    I feel energised, renewed, and ready to work on making myself the best version. I've learnt that to live a purposeful life; I need to work on and live by my values, goals and mission. I enjoyed the workshop structure, which is interactive and makes us feel at ease.

  • Chenesani Bachopi (BIFM)

    I have so much hope now; I believe I had no idea how to navigate through achieving my life goals and setting my values. But this Determine your values and goals session has made me think that I can do better; I feel much better about myself. I Understand values better than I used to; I think I was failing to get my deals right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join this Masterclass?

    You need to have a copy of Just Shift - Simplifies Series Vol.1

  • How Can I Contact you?

    Kindly email us at: [email protected] Or Call / WhatsApp ( 8:00am - 5:00pm +267 71221441 )

  • What happens at the Masterclass?

    You will interact with the life coaches and other Just Shift Youth Community

  • What does a typical virtual coaching masterclass look like?

    A Live Achievement Enterprises Online Masterclass is similar to an inseat engagement. You will participate in: >Engaging discussions >Work in pairs or small groups on projects >View Word documents, PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets >Explore and participate in internet-based activities. The Live Online environment is one that is unique in its virtual format, but similar to our inseat physical workshop experience.

  • What is the advantage of Achievement Enterprises online engagements?

    A key advantage of the Live Online Virtual Engagements is that it provides you with live interaction with an instructor who will engage you in lecture, discussions, class activities, sharing of ideas, group work, and answers to your questions in real time. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a broadband internet connection, you can join your class.

Virtual Learning Testimonials

''This virtual training was very Interactive...

I felt it was more interactive than had we been trained physically. I had expected that less interaction.” - M C Chaba: Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS)

"There was significant interaction with the trainer...

The online training went well, and I interacted significantly with the trainer. online training is the future.” - Tshepho Gaborone - BURS 

"The training exceeded my expectation...

The online training was far better than I expected.”                                                   – B K Radikonyana : BURS 

"Online training is the best...

I experienced zoom for the first time. I realised that online training is much better than physical training because I felt comfortable and at ease."       – N Ntshielang: BURS.

" There was no time to hide behind others...

Online training was more efficient because training physical is more accessible for participants to hide behind others, whereas online, the names of the participants can be picked easily from the system. Everyone is participating.” – K Delu  BURS

"This is the timely innovation...

“Online training taught me that I don't need a teacher by my side for me to get training, and I believe it is the innovation we need in this time of technology. I can study wherever I am ii.e.distance is no longer a barrier.” -  R Mutembedza  BURS.

"There was order and interesting group work...

I expected a chaotic setup where supervision would be challenging to employ. However, I was pleasantly impressed when I saw the team is divided into groups, and you regularly check our progress to serve progress. It was awesome. I was fascinated by the technology to allow for privacy or should I see enhanced supervision.”- B K Radikonyana: BURS.

“I was engaged and focused throughout the training...

It was my first experience with Virtual and Online training.  The course being as interactive as it was, kept me focused and on my toes. Initially, I thought we would just be watching a tutorial video. enjoyed it and am looking forward to more.” -   T Lekuta: BURS

"This was a fantastic experience...

Online training was interactive. It was my first time using zoom, and the experience was terrific.” – K Kooepile  BURS.

"We all had sufficient time to interact...

The online experience was more interactive because everyone was given a chance to express their views without the fear of matlho a batho.”        – M I Mooketsi: BURS.

"I felt great, and I am satisfied with the experience...

It was more like face to face real-life experience. It was eye opening as this showed that in order to learn or help a customer, we do not acutely need to meet in person but can; the experience made me feel great, happy and satisfied as it was a new experience for me.” – B Raditholo: BURS.

"I comfortably related with the trainer...

The online training made me comfortable with the trainer; she made the environment friendly enough for me to participate. And I was always alert and attentive. – O Morotsi: BURS

"I am happy I can study anywhere and anytime...

It went well I was like we were in the same room with you, and it shows that I can study where ever I am at any time.”– K Moabankwe: BURS

"The atmosphere was conducive, and we felt so comfortable...

Because It helped to interact well with others who are shy." - MissGee 

"I felt comfortable to participate...

I enjoyed it since I could participate healthily because I think I lack public speaking qualities." - K Ditau: BURS. 

"It was well organised.

The virtual training was well set up, to find myself being able to communicate with others over the video has helped build my confidence." - Amo N: BURS.

"It was well-coordinated.

IIt'sexciting, it affords everyone the chance to alk and listens without interruptions." - BOB: BURS.

"Though it was my first on Virtual Training, I had fun...

It was my first time using it. I enjoyed communicating with my team members and building my confidence." - Dicks: BURS

"No more stage fright.. 

It has been fun, a welcome development for some of us with stage fright." - Sea: BURS.

 "This an appropriate forum during the Covid-19 Pandemic...

The online experience training has been the best! I have learnt a lot, and it would be ideal if BURS can introduce this type of Virtual meeting considering the challenges of  Covid - 19." - Zacks: BURS.

"I felt free to participate...

I enjoyed it more than usual, we feel free,n o stage fright." - Miso: BURS.

"Virtual Training is the best...

It is exciting the audio is better, concentration is also better compared to bigger rooms." - Amo M: BURS.

Group discussions were my favourite...

 I enjoyed the group chats, reduced my shines, and it's like I'm doing one on one." - Rati: BURS

"We felt like a team...

I enjoyed every moment of it, it brings everyone together, and we feel free to participate." - Tammie: BURS.


"Rachel is a river that shares knowledge to help others improve their lives, not a reservoir that hoards knowledge"

By: Manana Tshoagong (Publishing Director at Medi "Roots" Publishing)

The Rachel Nekati that I know dramatically impacts the world. Rachel is a river that shares knowledge to help others improve their lives, not a reservoir that hoards knowledge. A natural leader who knows the form shows and goes the way. Her energy, passion & consistency are just admirable. She is intentional in what she wants to achieve. Oozes confidence. Unstoppable.

"Rachel takes a keen interest in the achievement of her clients"

By: Ruth Maphorisa (Director of The Drive PTY LTD)

I am happy to recommend Rachel Nekati as a Coach and Trainer. I first met Rachel in 2010, delivering a course on Emotional Intelligence, and her impactful delivery has contributed significantly to who I am today. I have known Rachel as a Transformational Leader who has always led by example. One of Rachel's greatest strengths is following through and taking a keen interest in the achievements of her clients/mentees. One notices that all her deliveries are on transformation as opposed to maintenance. These are the qualities of an effective coach/trainer. I have followed her and recently enrolled in her Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Program. Rachel continues to positively transform people's lives with her excellent Coaching and Training work.

" Rachel has passion for teaching, she is very focused and committed"

by Pascaline Sefawe - Deputy CEO

I have known Rachel Nekati for over 20 years. I met her at the University of Botswana in 1992 when we started our BCom degree. I found Rachel very energetic and committed to her school work. We used to study together and were constantly amazed by her quest for success, especially at such a young age. Our relationship continued building throughout the university; the highlight of that was when she started her training business. She did training for my team on emotional intelligence and me. This training changed my life and the way I do things in life. I became more self-aware and self-motivated. Rachel impacted my team and me significantly, and I thank her. Rachel later introduced me to the IF lifestyle, a fantastic lifestyle which I have adopted since 2018. Rachel has been my IF coach since then and has had a very positive impact on the way I relate to food. I have successfully lost weight because of her excellent coaching and teaching skills. In summary, Rachel has a passion for teaching; she is very focused and committed. She puts all the effort into everything she does and impacts positively on everyone she interacts with. Rachel has the right energy!

" Rachel Has Helped Me To Be A Better Leader"

Thobo Moleko - DMSS

Rachel coached me in the Supervisory and Management Program, and I would like to say I am where I am because of her training. It has been mind-opening and has asserted me to become a better leader of my team. I highly recommend her to any organisation and leaders out there.

"Rachel is an Excellent Trainer who is Professional, Focused and Goal Oriented"

Annah Lewanika - Senior Programme Officer - Special Needs. Botswana Examinations Council

I recommend Rachel Nekati as a trainer for Managing thoughts, emotions and behaviour. I have known Rachel Nekati for several years as a trainer and coach. Rachel is an excellent trainer who is professional, focused and goal-oriented. She incorporates E-learning tools with a wide variety of techniques to ensure she achieves success with her students. Rachel is creative and quick to assess her students' needs to ensure no one is left behind. Additionally, she has an impeccable work ethic, and anyone trained by her will acquire valuable skills that will cause a positive shift in their life.

"Rachel Uses Reflective Practical Training Methods"

Kefilwe Kebafetotse - Public Relations and Communications Manager - Air Botswana

I was pleased to participate in one of the Corporate training sessions facilitated by Mrs Rachel Nekati. Her diverse knowledge of organisational development, communication and effective teamwork impressed me. In training the Executive Management, Rachel used reflective practical training methods and excellent interpersonal skills to deliver enjoyable and beneficial content to leadership. I highly recommend her for an opportunity she endeavours to pursue. She is a true gem.

" I have Become A New Person With Integrity, Focus, Confidence and Direction"

Kesego Goabaone Shashane - Site Supervisor - DMSS

My experience with the training has completely changed how I think and behave, not only in the workplace but in my personal experiences. Rachel has guided me to be a better person through the principles I carry every day. Since your training, I have become a new person with goals, direction, confidence, and integrity. I will forever be grateful.

"I Use Rachel's Teachings In My Demanding and Stressful Job Every Day"

Dr T. Machacha - Hospital Superintendent - Princess Marina Hospital.

I attended an emotional intelligence workshop conducted by Ms Rachel Nekati. She is very professional and eloquent. I still use her teachings in my demanding and stressful job every day.

"Rachel is A Great Coach and an Emphatic Listener"

Phasi Masalila - Corporate & Public Relations Manager Kwa Nokeng Oil

It is with great pleasure that I share this recommendation for Rachel Nekati as a trainer: -She is very passionate in all she does, stays focused and ensures she gets the best results. -Perfect talking and listening skills and always pays attention to details. - Enjoys mentoring and tutoring, and she walks the talk. - Confident and believe in herself. - Rachel is such a hard worker and supportive. She- Always willing to learn more, and she appreciates good results. In summary, Rachel is a go-getter and brave as she leads by example. Always willing to impart any knowledge that will benefit the next person.

"I am in Control Of My Emotions and Feelings"

Merrilyn Cathy Thuso - Operations Manager DMSS

Having Rachel as my coach was one of the best things that happened to me last year. Her course changed the way I see life. Though it was focused on work, her lessons can also be applied in every aspect of our lives. I started being more organised and planned for my day the day before, which helped me be more productive at work and in life ( I feel overwhelmed if I don't do that now). My behaviour changed too; I used to feel entitled to how I felt (my mood), which made it difficult for my colleagues to work with me sometimes, I guess even people in my life🤔 but anyway, I got to learn to manage my feelings. I learned how to resolve conflict, and from all this, I saw the importance of the golden rule - put yourself in someone's shoes, and do what you would like them to do to others. I learned a lot from Rachel, and I am grateful for the training I received from her.🙂

Trainer Profile

Leadership and Life Coach, PDA Analyst, My PDA Coach and Training Consultant

Rachel Nekati

Rachel Nekati is the Founder and CEO of Achievement Enterprises, now in its 18th year. She is an Author, Executive Coach, Training Consultant and Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach. As an experienced strategic and transformational leader and have held executive positions in large organizations spanning various sectors and industries. She is currently professionally coaching Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, CEOs, and senior executives in the private and government sector. Her recent highlight has been the execution of Culture and Mindset Change Training for Botswana's Senior Officials and employees. She employs tools that examine employees and companies to improve teamwork and workplace productivity. In addition, she has successfully developed leadership training and interventions to improve skills in the workplace. During her illustrious career, Ms Nekati held senior leadership positions in Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank and DeBeers Botswana. Rachel obtained her Banking experience from Singapore, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Botswana. While at Barclays Bank, she steered the achievement of creating and centralizing the country's retail credit function through exceptional stakeholders' engagement at all levels. She also positioned Barclays Bank Botswana retail credit function to the top position in Africa during her tenure. As a seasoned Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, BQA Accredited Trainer, Certified Personal Development Coach, and Certified Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach, Rachel has successfully established an Online Soft Skills Training Academy, the center of personal and professional development excellence. Rachel provides flexible and interactive online video-based courses that equip people with the much-needed skills and competencies to become their best versions. Rachel has coached thousands of clients individually and in groups to improve their lives, weight, businesses, and careers. She has also created monthly Self Mastery Group Coaching Masterclasses for Adults and youth to help them become the best versions of themselves. In addition, she hosts Self-Mastery YouTube discussions called the Just Talk with Rachel and the Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Discussions. Rachel is the Board HR Chairperson for Morupule Coal Mine and Botswana Innovation Hub, and previously she was the Board HR Chairperson at Water Utilities Corporation and Botswana Technology Centre. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology. She is currently studying a Master of Science in Business Psychology at the University of East London, UK. Rachel is driven by Passion; Purpose and Impact.


" Rachel can be classified as one of the top 5 PDA Analysts that I have ever trained in this methodology."

By Corlia Nel - Psychologist

I had the tremendous honour of meeting Rachel Nekati in September 2020. She attended accreditation in the PDA (Personal Development Analysis) Behavioural Assessment tool and the My PDA Coach (online behavioural coaching tool). I am one of two PDA trainers for the African continent and have trained over 800 PDA and My PDA Coach Analysts during my seven-year tenure. I can confidently say that Rachel can be classified as one of the top 5 analysts I have ever trained in this methodology. Her natural ability to connect to, and understand behaviour, has astounded me! It’s not just her technical skills that impressed me; she was a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and detailed, thoughtful questions, which allowed for open and constructive discussions throughout our interactions during the three day training period. Rachel has been welcomed to the PDA-Africa family, and although she feels that we blessed her with a new skill, I think it is us who have been blessed by having her become a Gold Partner!

"Leaders have energy, Leaders are multipliers, Leaders have patience, Leaders are self motivated and they motivate, this describes Rachel"

Neo Bogatsu - CEO - Botswana Insurance Fund Management (BIFM)

Leaders have energy Leaders are multipliers; they have patience Leaders are self motivated , and they motivate Leaders are influencers Leaders touch lives Leaders have no shame; leaders are visionaries   That’s how I describe and see Rachel Nekati, whom I have known for more than 26years now…. Over the years, I have seen and witnessed all these qualities in Rachel, qualities that are almost natural but are also practised and nurtured…for Rachel understands what personal growth means, what personal leadership means and that without internalising these, you cannot grow others, you cannot influence, you cannot lead… Rachel has this fantastic ability to motivate and help others grow, influence positively, build and nurture; she derives joy and happiness from seeing others grow and prosper…..As they say, it's what makes her “tick.”  

" A powerful soothing injection "

Angelina Ramogobya - Chika - Snr. Assistant Commissioner of Botswana Prisons

I've learned life-changing lessons from this empowering program. I realised that we sometimes exaggerate and make minor issues into big things, which causes us unnecessary stress. I feel empowered and as if I've been given a powerful soothing injection. Thank You, Rachel.

"I am now able to articulate my dream with a clear vision, confidence and direction"

Malebogo Busang - Creative Director

In a noisy world of solutions, guidance and information overload, all without filter, available at one's fingertips, what a perfect time to have a meticulous and grounded voice of reason with Rachel Nekati. A Critical Thinker and Listener, Rachel jealously protected and has personally steered my Creative Mind and empowered me to make my passion a sustainable way of life. I take pride in engaging with her excellent service. I can now articulate my dream with a clear vision, confidence and direction, a skill I found rather complex and unachievable before engaging with Rachel.  My heartfelt gratitude for your patience and robust understanding of the world we live in today. I am because you Are. Thank you very much.

"I wish I did this course sooner"

Rumbi Chonyera - Civil Engineer

I took this course to empower, inspire and motivate myself; moreover, Rachel exceeded my expectations. The Course was easy to follow, descriptive and highly interactive. I wish I had done it sooner; anyone who wants to effect a positive change in themselves should gift this program.

"I Feel Empowered and Excited About My Future"

- Hlengiwe Faku - CBT Life Coach and Training Consultant

I’ve just finished my stress and anxiety online self-coaching course by Rachel Nekati and Achievement Enterprises, and what a fantastic experience this was. I signed up for the online course because everything in my life was just too overwhelming. I was spiralling out of control; I had no control over my stress and anxiety. Before starting the course, I was unaware that the symptoms that I was presenting, “feeling panicky and sometimes out of control, " were signs of stress and anxiety. These were made clear when I commenced my online self-coaching course. Whilst I was busy with the course, it never felt like I was doing an online course – the support I received from Rachel was excellent; she was with me all the way. It felt like she was physical with me holding my hand, readily available when I needed assistance and clarity What have been some of the benefits or take-outs that I’ve gotten from the course:  The course helped me manage my stress and anxiety better  The system has brought peace to my life, I feel quietness on the inside, and I’m very calm  I can now understand my triggers and how to deal with them  The course made me realise that stress and anxiety are not something that I need to face on my own. There are people out there to support me.  I feel empowered and excited about my future  I have taken my life and the purpose I have in this life back I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to manage their stress and anxiety better and empower themselves. I’m amazed and overwhelmed with the changes I’m seeing in me. I just want to thank you very much, Rachel, for this life-changing course. I wake up daily with a purpose and drive to do the things that I enjoy and love. Thank you for reintroducing me to my life again.

"This Is The Best Course I have Ever Done"

Obusitse Mongatane - Snr. Training Coordinator - Central Transport Organization

This is the best course I have ever done. I have learnt to acknowledge, recognise and use my emotions where appropriate positively. As human beings, we are created with emotions which, in most cases, can be a hindrance if they are not adequately managed. L am now in a position to understand my emotions and control my feelings; I know what to do with my emotions. I know how to separate emotions from decision making. My life is different.

"I wish I had Met Rachel 20 Years Ago"

- Allison La Grange - DMSS

It takes only one conversation with Rachel to realise how motivational and inspiring she is. Rachel can read people and situations immediately; therefore, able to give sound advice. Her workshops are full of life-changing practical solutions to our hectic work and personal life. Rachel leaves you feeling energised, positive and motivated. I highly recommend one take time to go out and attend one of Rachel's workshops. I only wish I had met Rachel 20 years ago! You won't regret talking with Rachel. Her inspiration gives you so much confidence. Go for it!

" My Life Has Transformed. I am More Focused and Alert"

Samantha Matlhagela - Manager Card Products and Etiquette Coach

Nekati, through her platform Just Talk with Rachel and her personal development programs, has been able to help a lot of people to understand their emotions and manage their thoughts. I have personally benefited from her teachings and seen my life transform for the better. I have become aware of my thoughts and emotions and have been able to change my behaviour and attitude towards life. Through the positive changes, I am more focused and alert and see results in everything I do. There is no doubt that Mrs Nekati is committed to making a difference in other people's lives.
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